Posterior Composite Fillings

Amalgam, or commonly referred to as ‘black’ fillings were popular back in those days where you can still watch a movie with twenty cents (or i was told). Technically, Amalgam is silver rather than black in colour. The oxidation of the surface layer causes it to appear black. Well, it doesn’t really matter if its silver or black, because neither looks aesthetic.

At Esteem Dental Clinic, we are bias towards an amalgam-free filling. Meaning most of the fillings we do, are mercury free, and it closely resembles the natural appearance of your tooth.


Here’s how we do it:


Free-hand direct bonding of a composite filling on a fractured tooth – before/after

posterior composite filling - beforeposterior composite filling - after


Close up view of the tooth – before/after

close up posterior composite  filling - beforeclose up posterior composite filling - after