About Us


Welcome to the Esteem Dental Clinic, the clinic which provides extra comfort — at no extra cost!


Treatment Philosophy


More than just dentistry… at Esteem Dental, we do not only treat your teeth related problems; but also treat your dental phobias! Unlike traditional clinics, we emphasise pretty much on our patients’ comfort; without sacrificing the quality of our treatments.


We are also committed to use exclusive dental materials and clinical procedures of proven quality. We dedicate ourselves to search for the best products and solutions to fulfil our patients’ needs by keeping our clinical and scientific knowledge abreast.

At this age of time, dental treatments are no longer restricted to resolution of pain and replacing missing teeth. Instead, advanced techniques can be utilised to enhance an individual’s smile, making them look more attractive and confident!


A change in your teeth, could change your life. Seriously. Welcome to Esteem Dental!


Our Doctors

our doctors


(Left) Dr. Lie Yoon Zhen (Jimmy), Bachelor of Dental Surgery (AIMST), MSc Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry (Manchester)

(Right) Dr. Ooi Xin Yi  , Bachelor of Dental Surgery (AIMST),  MSc Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry (Manchester)